To the other side of the window. In this scene, we can see our future.

The Fujisash Group commits to take on innovative challenges in multiple areas with an engineering approach leading to unique solutions, while maintaining our origins in monozukuri. In addition, our management philosophy is dedicated to keeping our business in harmony with the environment. Fujisash manufactures safe and reliable products, reducing the burden on the environment in all businesses.
The Fujisash brand promises high quality, credibility, and the creation of new value in response to the trust of our customers. We will continue to contribute to the development of a more prosperous and sustainable society.

Fujisash Group Business

Building Construction Materials Business

We offer sashes and curtain walls for buildings to meet your preferred designs, offering high performance and quality utilizing advanced technology and knowledge developed over many years as a professional manufacturer.

Building Renewal Business

We provide a comfortable living space and help to improve the asset value of various apartment and office buildings by applying renovations to preserve the building stock.

Front Sashes Business

We offer a variety of frontage products to fully meet customer needs, including the entrances of apartments and offices, as well as large-aperture facades of shops and showrooms.

Housing Construction Materials Business

We improve eco series products, such as the eco shutter and eco grille, taking into consideration the renovation market in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Pre-fabricated House Module and Disaster Mitigation Business

We offer a wide selection of packages to meet a variety of needs, including multipurpose prefabricated house modules, storage for disaster mitigation, and high-performance equipment housing (shelters).

LED Business

We develop products using LED modules of our own design. Combining LED with aluminum materials will expand the potential of various products.

Environmental Engineering Business

We provide a total urban waste processing system for the manufacturing and sales of agents, fly ash treatment plants for urban waste incineration, and plant engineering of recycling and large-sized waste disposal facilities.

Aluminum Extrusions/Aluminum Products Business

Our integrated production system produces building materials, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automotive products, home appliances, office equipment, and commodities as a supplier of light metals.

Magnesium Alloy Business

We engage in the research and development of extrusion processing technology for the most lightweight magnesium alloys among industrial metals. The business development utilizes high-strength and high-temperature-resistant magnesium alloy required in all industries.

Overseas Business

With assured technical capabilities,
we are developing our business worldwide.

As the first company in Japan to accept orders for the overseas construction of aluminum sashes in 1959, we have handled many overseas construction projects centered in Southeast Asia.
In addition, as overseas locations of our group, Fujisash Malaysia was established in 1990, and Fujisash Philippines started the operation of its plant in 1994. Our company has expanded overseas from early on, and we have earned the strong trust of the local communities in each of the locations.
Recently, we have deployed products of the Fujisash brand, which are of high-performance and high-function, and we actively promote alliances with local companies.

Overseas Plant

photo: Philippines Plant (Cavite, Philippines)
Philippines Plant (Cavite, Philippines)

Example of Overseas Construction

クアラルンプール新国際空港 写真1
KL International Airport (KLIA)

クアラルンプール新国際空港 写真2

クアラルンプール新国際空港 写真3