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For society, we make our products with care and attention
We strive to create a dynamic atmosphere

Since Fujisash was established in 1930, we have been pursuing comfortable residential environments in buildings and houses through the sash window manufacturing business. In 1958, we started production and sales in the field of aluminum sashes, the first company in Japan to do so. Since then, we have participated in a number of large domestic and international projects as a pioneer of the integrated production of sash and curtain walls, and contributed to the creation of urban landscapes.
And now, we have the core manufacturing technologies and ideas that we have cultivated over our history of more than 80 years. Using our cutting-edge research and development capability, as well as production and supply stability, we actively pursue and expand new businesses for tomorrow. This includes the renewal business, aluminum extrusion and fabricated products, environmental engineering, international operations, and the development of new materials, in addition to our core aluminum sashes and curtain wall business.